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Nobile is proud to offer our new and improved IFS (Integrated Footbed System) foot strap system.  These bindings are the next step forward for Nobile. Built of light EVA foam, they’re not only weight less and don’t absorb water, but they are very comfort and adaptable to any foot shape.  

After some use of the 2016 footstraps,  we noted some higher than average breaks in the orange strap holds.  In January 2016 we manufactured replacements for these orange strap holders that are black so you can tell them apart from the original orange straps.   Please, make sure your 2016 orange strap holders are replaced with the black new ones.   Please contact your shop or distributor for the replacements.

Thank you and enjoy your gear!


Service action
Strapholders replacement in Nobile IFS 2016!

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