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Price include: 2 sets of fins PA 33% GF - 4 pcs of 55 mm fins with Click’n’go screws and 4 pcs of 40 mm fins only, and set of IFS Click’n’go SYSTEM. This product is NOT AVAILABLE at this moment. If you want to buy Nobile apparel or accessories please fill up the Contact Form.



XTR is our top-of-the-line lightwind board. Rooted in the highly respected NHP family, the XTR features some of the best technologies we have to offer. Suitable for everybody who prefers a twin tip to a directional in low wind conditions, as well as for heavy riders looking for a tech-advanced board that will meet their needs, the XTR provides fantastic early planing, outstanding upwind performance, and provides a smooth and easy ride even when the wind barely blows. This is Dariusz’s favourite lightwind board.


EPC - The Elliptical Progressive Concave combines the advantages of both a flat-bottomed board and concave. The tail area is completely flat, whilst the centre section of the board features concave. This shape benefits from earlier planning.


CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology - By using advanced core materials, laminates and variable flex zones, we managed to eliminate almost all vibrations that occur during the ride.
CAV not only makes the ride smoother and faster, but also provides exceptional grip in all conditions.


Woodcore - There is no better material for a board core than wood. With its harmonious characteristic, combining strength, flex, light weight and vibration damping, wood is still the uncrowned king of core materials.


Triax - Triple Fiber Power - This layout of fibers transfers power directly to the edges and creates perfect flex. As a result the board features aggressive filling, quick response and harmonious flexibility.


Glossy Lacquer - Careful paint jobs not only magnifies colors and makes your board the best looking equipment on the spot, but it also protects the kiteboard graphic from fading.

Hi-Performance light wind & heavy riders twin tip
Maximized planing surface
Minimal water spray
Excellent upwind and choppy water performance


SIZES: 140x46, 143x48



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