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  • Viva la Vida

    The new season’s coming and we want to encourage you to get the most out of your kiteboarding. With the ultimate kitesurfing technology from NOBILE, you can ride faster, fly higher, enjoy your passion safer. So go out, explore the world and have the utmost fun. Viva la Vida!

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  • Nature.Split

    As our lives are spent in cities, we tend to forget what makes us feel truly alive. But the moment you get on the beach, surrounded by sand, water, sun and wind, you know you are in your element. So grab one of our split boards that can fit your regular luggage and get where you belong. Choose NATURE to reconnect with nature

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  • Gaia.Woman

    Here at NOBILE we celebrate adventurous women. Those who are not afraid to follow their real passion for kitesurfing and whose natural beauty emanates in their surroundings. Inspired by Mother Nature, who is the greatest designer ever, we created GAIA – a collection dedicated to female riders. Grab one of the boards and be your own authentic self.

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