NHP Snowkite

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NHP Snowkite



Style: freeride, freestyle

Size (cm): 148 | 157 | 164

Main features:
– Snowkiting dedicated twin-tip
– 20m sidecut
– Maximum carving performance and edge-to-edge response
– Massive POP and extraordinary control

Flex (1-10): 7
Rocker line: Camber

399 Euro

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The NHP Snowkite is a board completely dedicated to be
used in the snow with a kite. It’s not just a regular snowboard
with a kiteboarding brand logo. When designing the Snowkite
we used all our experience and passion to develop the best
performing board on the market, whether for snow or ice.
You’re looking at massive pop, a versatile flex pattern, and
a unique 20-meters progressive sidecut radius. In short:
this is the weapon of choice for all snowkiters. Our unique
construction results in an insanely comfortable ride, without
being forced to ride upwind all the time, while the Nobile
Snowkite provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heelside
edge, allowing you to hold more speed – especially when
going upwind. Our patented Snake Transition offers tons of
control and response, even on icy and hard-pack conditions,
while still maintaining a fun flex. This board is also just as
happy being used as a regular snowboard for those days when
the wind isn’t playing ball.

– APS core technology
– Woodcore
– Power plates
– Glossy lacquer
– Abs sandwich construction

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  • APS Core Technology
  • CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Woodcore
  • Power Plates
  • Glossy Lacquer
  • ABS Sandwich Construction
  • Extruded Base
  • T.R.I.P. Technology