Gehrer Reinhold

Gehrer Reinhold

* Name and surname: Gehrer Reinhold (FLY FISCH)

* Age: 33 Years
* Nationality: Austria

* Worst Crash: crashing into cliff, nose and rib fracture

* Never travel without: Kite

* Favourite spot in the world: Brambüsch

* On my iPod (music): MC Xander
* Inspired by: Music

* Favourite Meal: Pasta
* 1 piece of advise to other kiters: 
* Goal in sport?: always getting better

* I want to travel to: South Africa

* I like to wear: Caps
* Style: Race and Freestyle

* Board: Nobile RC200 Snowkite, NHP Snowkite

1st Place Snowkite Championship - 2013
3rd Place European Snowkite Contest - 2014
1st Place World Snowkite Contest - 2015
1st Place Ozone Snowkite Masters - 2015
1st Place Swiss Snowkite Tour
1st Place Long Distance Race - 2015
2nd Place International Snowkite Open - 2015
2nd Place Red Bull Ragnarok - 2015
1st Place Swiss Snowkite Tour - 2016 (Tourstop 1 and 2)
3rd Place World Snowkite Contest - 2016
Ragnarok 2016: 2nd
When were you happiest?

Doing kitesurfing
What is your greatest fear?

To miss a good wind
What is the worst job you’ve done?
Working more than 24 hours at 10 Degree Celsius
Where would you like to live?

South Africa
How do you relax?

Chilling and listening music
What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

To have more free time
What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Nothing in life comes free
Where would you most like to be right now?

Brambrüesch (Swizerland) at Snowkiting
Tell us a secret - why Nobile?

I like the people, brand and the lifestyle. Nobile have the best Snowkiteboards.