Size (cm): 52cm / 46cm / 36cm

For the 2023 collection we’re introducing a brand new Bar named EZ Bar. It is a totally new design we introduce for 2023 to fulfill current expectations. Improved design, more durable depower system, funtionall quick release and DHPS 300 lines make this bar an ultimate tool and your very best control bar. available in three sizes. Super soft EVA foam coated bar will take it easy on you and your gear, as well as keep the bar floating at all times. Click in Chicken loop with new improved system and ISO patent will never let you down. 


  • ISO 21853 compliant safety system: quick release and leash

  • Sizes: 52cm, 46cm, 36cm (with long freestyle c-loop as standard)

  • 23m durable Liros DHPS 300 flying lines

  • Anodized alminium control stick with comforty EVA grip

  • Leader line and safety line hidden in single PU depower tube

  • Soft EVA bar ends and floaters

  • Easy and user friendly clamcleat depower system