Advanced Flex Engineering

Advanced Flex Engineering Advanced Flex Engineering

We achieve a unique flex and stiffness effect, right where it’s required on the board, without any impact or consequence when it comes to the remaining part of the board and its features. In addition to that, the APS system improves torsion by 35% and product durability by 10%. Furthermore, we use less components and the boards are significantly lighter. This kind of development is based on over 20 years of experience, continuous testing, and consultations with top riders and kiteboarding enthusiasts.


With our specialist knowledge, we can design and control flex in all directions: lengthwise, transversally and within the torsion. We are able to achieve any given rigidity and flex in the part of the board where it is required the most, without any impact or consequence when it comes to remaining integral to the board and its flex features.


The most comfortable and friendly type of flex in our boards, giving full freedom when riding and turning, and forgiving all minor mistakes at the same time. It guarantees unbelievable pleasure during the ride and reduces chop on the water.


Created for keeping top performance of the board, while maintaining comfort during the ride. Reaction to transferred impulses is fast, so the board can be controlled easily.


Designed for the most demanding and technical riders, ensuring immediate response, perfect control and mega pop. Uncompromising boards prepared exactly for a given kitesurfing technique.


In our 50/Fifty wakestyle board we have introduced Negative Flex, important for those who ride in boots. It’s also in the three-step scale and three board zones as well.