We are experts. We know how.

We are experts. We know how.


We are experts.
We know how.


Our environment and business is continuously changing, while kiteboarding evolves. But all the while here at Nobile, our values remain the same. Every day we design and manufacture equipment in line with our ‘Human Concept’ philosophy, bearing the final user in mind, in order to make top-quality, best-performance, and – most importantly – comfortable, safe and user-friendly gear.


While our corporate values remain unchanged, our technological solutions are continuously improved upon.


And we know how to do it, because we have the experience in manufacturing boards with wood cores since 1994, and within kiteboarding for 15 years. All our boards are produced in-house, in our European factory.


Since 2003, when Nobile produced the first technology-based sandwich kiteboard using a wood core, the kiteboarding world has changed dramatically, while we here at Nobile have been continuously improving this technology, and have become experts in it.


The sandwich technology, using wood among other components, allows our engineers to design the board to flex freely.

We call this technology Advanced Flex Engineering (AFE), which includes the following solutions: Added Pre-Stress (APS), Elliptical Concave or Rectangle Channels.


Nobile is unique, as it combines practice and experience with the unrivalled know-how of our experts, in terms of hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, mechanics and material engineering.


This combination of experience and technology has resulted in the latest 2019 product collection, which we proudly present to you here.